Consulting  •  Analysis  •  Results


Our analysts understand large data sets and have the experience and tools necessary to integrate massive amounts of data from disparate sources, to extract subtle and complex strategic information from it, and to present results in clear and compelling ways.

Every case is unique. We work closely with our clients throughout the course of every engagement, customizing our services to meet each project’s evolving needs. We also know that every assignment shares three key elements:

  1. Consulting

    From the outset, we work closely with our clients, developing and fine-tuning analytic approaches that ensure they get the results they need to advance their strategic investigation, negotiation, and litigation goals.

    To ensure that our projects have the resources they require, we identify relevant types and sources of data and can assist in the drafting of subpoenas and Civil Investigative Demands.

  2. Analysis

    We understand the power of data and recognize that some of the strongest arguments can be made using an opponent’s own data. We specialize in integrating plaintiff, defendant, and third-party data into a more complete, multifaceted, and robust representation of the facts.

    As litigative consultants, we create well-founded, flexible, and fair liability and damage models. Our dynamic, iterative approach allows our clients to ask “what-if” questions and to probe offers and approaches proposed by opposing counsel.

  3. Results

    We recognize that even simple questions can have complex answers. From basic statistics, to patterns of behavior and relationships, to liability and damages, we know that clear communication is paramount. We specialize in providing compelling results, in graphical and tabular formats, that are easily understood by experts and non-technical audiences.